READ: Sealed Bexar County Courthouse Corruption Files

For the first time, you can now read for yourself the still sealed records from the FBI investigation into courthouse corruption in Bexar County Texas.  These documents have been at the center of our reporting for the 13 episodes of the podcast How To Bribe A Judge.  Included in the links below is a summary of the entire FBI file that was written by an attorney who had access to even more documents than were obtained by the Investigative Network.




Judge Angus McGinty Accepted Bribe: Episode #1

You’ve never heard an interview like this! Investigative Reporter Brian Collister gets a disgraced San Antonio Texas judge who went to federal prison for taking a bribe to talk publicly before about the details of his criminal case. Angus McGinty went from being a state district criminal court judge to convicted felon, so why did he do it? Hear the former judge explain what happened in his case and describe the night FBI agents showed up at his house and told him they’d caught him on wiretaps as he was bribed by an attorney who wanted more favorable outcomes for his court cases. McGinity was the only judge prosecuted in a wide ranging federal investigation into corruption at the Bexar County courthouse, but during this podcast the names of other judges, and bribes they allegedly took, will be revealed for the first time!

Investigative Podcast: How to Bribe a Judge

Listen in as some of Texas’ top judges are unmasked! You’ll hear from the disgraced San Antonio judge who went to prison for taking a bribe from the bench. And, we’re revealing a secret list of names of other judges and the attorneys involved in this outrageous practice in order to gain more favorable outcomes for their trials.

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